Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grand Opening of Our Farmer's Market at Ammon Park Center

Channel 8 showed up and we got a little press!!!
We opened with 18 vendors....everything from produce to trees to live music!!!

Our working teens, they love pocketing a little cash, saving some, now that is what makes parents proud!!!!

Bret helping all his customers...........he is in the hat under the tent. These awesome bins are full of spuds, asparagus, onions, carrots and tomatoes......yum!!!

There is me, the "Market Manager" the has is a necessity!!! I picked it up in San Fransico, I had to go there to do some Farmer's Market "research"!!!! See you at the MARKET!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 14th my son Hunter......u r so cool.............

Happy Birthday Hunter!!!!! His Best bud Kakoa Kane is in orange, Aust's friends crashed the party.....We love you so much Hunter. He was ordained a teacher today by his Dad and big brother Aust got to stand in the circle. He is about to do his Eagle Project and finished his Deacon Duty to God.....whew!!!!

Austin's First Prom......isn't he handsome!!!

Austin and Kayla, Geno one of Austin's best buds and his date Shari. I begged him to have dinner here and after all the costs of this date, he decied to let us cook for him. We loved sharing the night with them. Austin and his girlfriend (yes she is) were very cute together. Jessie, Dakota and Brooke were waiters, I wore a chef hat and an apron and we had a ball. Aust was home 8 minutes before curfew....................whew

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Dear Mom,
We had such a terrific time with you here in Idaho. I wish I could have been there with you today on Mother's Day. Life has it's way of changing and here I am in my own home sharing Mother's day with children of my own. I love being a Mom to them, thank you for sharing the joy of Motherhood with me. You never made motherhood look like a chore but a joy and that is the way i feel about it too. I loved having you here with us just a few weeks ago, i still can't believe you are going to be 70 in Aug and you galloped the horses with me!!! I think Lightning misses you. I know I do. Hope your day was perfect. I am so thankful my Father in Heaven blessed me by sending me into your arms.
Forever your girl,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little sample of the unsent Christmas Card!!!

Yep it's true, Christmas came and went without you receiving a card from the Yorgys!! Sorry!!! We took these super fun photos and wanted to share them with ya!!! I love the silly pictures, our kids are really growing up and i love what great friends they are with each other, they laugh and play and tease and of coarse cry because of each other. We are proud of them and their good choices they are making in their lives. Life is busy running here and there all the time. The kids are in 3 different schools and sports all the time and just plain finding time to sit and visit with them before they all grow up and leave us is difficult sometimes. We love having a driver in our family, Aust is always running someone somewhere, it's nice but a little expensive!!!

Farmer's maket on the warf was cool esp for me as I got to do a little research for the our Farmers Market we are opening here in Ammon. Loved the chocolate did you see my new hat??? I LOVE IT!! I plan to wear it at on our market days!!! i love the bucket full of tulips, what a fun trip.